About Oleg Loginov

My name is Oleg Loginov, I'm a beginner pipe maker.
Also I visited very middle school, finished Vyatka state university, served in the army and now I'm engeneer of satellite systems in one russian company.

I smoked cigarettes for many years from times when I was schoolboy. One day I realized that it's time to finish with cigarettes. But I loved to smoke, love to enjoy the taste of tobacco and views of smoke. And then I noticed the pipe. Since this moment the pipes are my passion.

At one point I tried to make the pipe. It looked like a trampled boot, and I scored on this idea almost on a year. It was in 2014 year. During this year, I held in my hands a lot of pipes of different levels, I communicated with pipesmokers and pipemakers, I read a lot of information on the Internet at forums and social nets.

After a year of searching, reading, training etc, when I finished my second pipe, I was almost happy. But with each new pipe I see that there is no limit to perfection. I can not make the best pipe, but I try. I believe that each next pipe mast be better than the previous one.

For my pipes I use only briar. Briar has its own soul, I think. And when you touch piece of the briars, it opens for you. You can see the flame or birdseyes, feel the warmth of this wood. It's magnificent!